Henryk's JavaScript Demos

My Artwork. Clicks:
2020-04-01: Slideshow Added
Vector editor for my game. Clicks:
2020-03-22: JSON export
2020-03-07: bugfixing
2020-02-29: delete button added
2020-02-13: project started
My next game. Clicks:
2020-03-22: any line
2020-03-19: Some collision detection
2020-03-16: movement (W) and shooting
2020-02-08: project started
Misser: simple animated kitty. Clicks:
Cute invader. Clicks:
Heart. Clicks:
Text with a sinus effect. Clicks:
Flags. Flag images was copied from countryflags.com Clicks:
Lots of flags. Clicks:
Fireworks. Clicks:
Youtube playlist with stuff i made in the 80's on the Commodore 64. Clicks: (updated 2019-12-27)
A demo I made on the Amiga in 1990. Clicks:
A sidescroller Clicks:
Invaders game, Use mouse to point and shoot, press W to move ship. Clicks:
Sudokugenerator. (updated 2020-01-12) Clicks:
For planning (updated 2019-12-27). Clicks:
amazing shapes you can get out of a little trigeometry and some random numbers. Clicks:
A simple analog clock. Clicks:
Analog clock. (Added 2019-12-18) Clicks:
Most of visible emojis listed. Clicks:
Polar Sinus 2. (added 2019-11-07) Clicks:
Konfetti kitty. (Added 2019-11-17) Clicks:
Konfetti cute invaders. (Added 2019-11-17) Clicks:
Wheel of scroller (added 2019-11-22) Clicks:
Lots of fireworks (added 2019-12-19) Clicks:
Lots of fireworks (added 2019-12-20) Clicks:
Calendar mockup (added 2019-12-21) Clicks: