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Christmas incoming

It’s getting colder. The sign that Christmas is coming and with it gathering of the family, decorations, candles, good food and presents. The supermarket is already selling Christmas cookies, of course and new products are being prepared for launch so that they will make it under the tree. I like this time; I really enjoy being with friends and family and I always look forward to it. I listed some Christmas wishes for my kids to choose between. I always get a gift for my mother and for my children. Last year we were at my brothers place and had duck and pork for dinner with 2 kinds of potatoes, for dessert we had rice pudding. We all contribute with something, so that the work is divided. I make the rice pudding and have done so for more than 15 years. I start on December 22nd by cooking the rice with milk and vanilla. I heat it up on the stove, and when it boils, I put it in the oven to finish, this way it simmers without burning the bottom. The cooked rice needs to chill so I put it somewhere cold for the night. On the 23rd I peel the almonds and chop them coarsely; I then whisk the cream until it is just right (I know when) and mix it all carefully with the cold rice. Now it will sit until Christmas eve, then it will be a perfect balance of vanilla, cream, rice and almonds smothered with pickled cherries. Sometimes we will do the dancing and singing around the tree before the dessert. We don’t plan everything in advance except for who prepares what food. What happens on the evening of the 24rd is something we agree on as the evening progresses.

Borderlands 2

I have a PlayStation 3, and many years ago I bought Borderlands 2 for it, at the same time my son bought the same game for his PC. Now I have never been a fan of the PS controller in fps games. And when playing the new game, sitting next to my son, playing the same game it quickly got obvious to me the difference in gameplay. Keyboard+mouse is just more intuitive for fps than a controller. I never got further than the intro missions and it was so frustrating not being able to aim properly that I newer played Borderlands 2 again. But then some months ago Borderlands 3 came out and it just looks amazing. After a few days of evaluating I concluded that I wanted to play a fps again, but it didn’t need to be Borderlands 3, I could buy Borderland 2 for ½ the prise. So, I bought it again, but this time for PC and it is great fun. There are plenty of guides, a skill calculator. When I have played it through with each character, I hope that Borderlands 3 has gotten cheaper and a lot of DLC is available.


I have planned a trip to smk.dk for som recharging of my mental batteries. I don't think I will do anymore improvements of my flags. I am happy how they turned out. But don't think that i drew tham myself, now I found them on Countryflags, and as of writing it should be okay to use here on may page. So I need a new project, and thats where smk come in :-)

Moved - JavaScript demos

Jeg har besluttet at samle mine javascript demoer på en dedikeret side, så dette kun er blog og ikke bliver et stort roderi af forskellige emner.

Min weekend gik med en dejlig tur til Sverige sammen med rollespiller drengerøvene og deres børn. Det var hammer hyggeligt og vi var ret heldige med vejret, på den måde at det regnede når vi var indenfor og var tørvejr når vi skulle ud og gå tur eller køre i bil. Jeg var glad for at være sammen med så mange mennesker, der var altid nogen at snakke med eller nogle mindre børn at lege med. Jeg var dog også glad for roen bagefter da jeg var komme hjem til DK igen.

Art - fuel for the soul

Begynder at nyde min frihed igen. Jeg var en tur i Louisiana i dag for at se Laura Greenfields udstilling og Generation wealth. De var ok, men det der fangede mig mest var Marsden Hartleys malerier, som både havde sjæl og smukke farver. Hans protrætter har sit eget udtryk og specielt ved hans periode i Mexico er der nogle rigtig flotte billeder med stærk struktur, udtryk i øjnene og flot udskårne ansigter. Også opstillingerne med blomster i vase var rigtig flotte, og min gymnasielærer, Majbritt, ville sikker blive glad hvis jeg skrev at specielt den megen brug af rød farve i både portrætter og blomster var med til at utrykke en stærk seksualitet.

New beginning

Eksempler på små kode demos som jeg har lavet for mig selv, siden jeg begyndte at programmere i 1980'erne. Selvom dette fortrisvis er JavaScript har jeg også prøvet at lave de samme små demoer i Java, C++, Processing og C#. Der var ikke så mange der kunne finde ud af at lave particles dengang i 80'erne og i dag er det en funktionalitet som er bygget ind i Direct X, Det kan være at der en dag kommer et particle modul til Javascript og så bliver det hele nemmere. En ting som er blevet nemmere siden pionerdagene er matematikken. Ikke at formlerne har ændret sig. Nej, det jeg mener er at man ikke længere behøver at have tabeller med sinus og cosinus, samt arbejde med al matematikken i heltal - noget som gjorde det hele meget sværere at gennemskue og forklare.

From oldschool to modern web programming

My programming skills are old-school. I started with assembler on my C128. That gave me a good foundation to build on. Not only being able to keep overview of a large complex program, but also debugging techniques and considerations about speed and memory. Through the years of education and work I also learned Pascal, C, C++, Java and C#. Many more languages exist today and I have briefly played with some of them. 15 years ago, I build a web application for capacity management in telecom. I already knew Java so I chose Tomcat as my webserver. I didn't use any PHP or JavaScript. Only Java and HTML. When Android came, I jumped on that platform because it was Java. But mid 2016 I started looking into today's languages and tools for web development; HTML 5.0, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. In this page, I will collect all the links that has inspired me.

My setup

I recently got a new laptop – Yoga 910 with Windows 10, this has to some degree changed the way I work. I mainly focus on web development and I choose NetBeans. I know NetBeans from my Java days, but before making the final decision I did look into other options
Notepad++. Very nice and simplified editor with a lot of available plugins for improved productivity. I really liked the ftp plugin that automatically syncs with your web site when saving.
MS Visual Studio. Installs a lot of stuff that I didn’t need or ask for.
MS Visual Code. Simple and with an option of a large amount of extensions. I experienced some performance issues with very slow response from the editior.
WebStorm. Very nice with a lot of features, but not free.
I still want to try Sublime text.

Project tools.

So, I took a look at some of the available option for task- and project management. In my past I have used Excel a lot to keep track on information. Outlook was my database. Information was shared via Email. This time I started up by using my old habits but after having adjusted my excel sheet a couple of times I thought “There must be an easier way”. I googled and found add-ins for excel, access, WordPress, SharePoint and a lot of online services among those Trello, Evernote and Wunderlist. OneNote also popped up. But I started by creating a Trello account and it seemed easy to use. I googled some best practices for project management on Trello and found a blog with a lot of information. I create a card for each delivery I have. In the description field, I keep all information I want to be able to view quickly, I use the markdown for making links to files on SharePoint or other web system that I use. Below the description field I keep a checklist with all the tasks I have to accomplish to complete the delivery to the costumer and doing all reporting and documentation. But there was one problem. I work with restricted information and it is not allowed to exists on cloud based services outside company domain. So I went to OneNote and have migrated all my key information to my OneNote workbook. I can link my tasks to outlook with a due date and there is a link back to the workbook form the outlook task. OneNote support hyperlinks to files on local computers and on shared network. If the workbook on the company SharePoint I can share it with others as read/write or read-only. Files can be attached, mails can be send from outlook to a page, you can tag information with custom tags which can be searched and filtered. I have decided that my OneNote workbook should be my only database in the future, so all mails containing important information or needs follow up are put on the relevant project page. And because of the build in OCR everything is searchable.